Wednesday 10 October 2012

Municipal Energy Retrofitting

I'm sharing an interesting update from Ecology Ottawa on municipal energy efficiency retrofits:

The City of Ottawa recently committed to conducting a feasibility study on municipal financing of energy efficiency retrofits.The concept is not new and we have been calling on the city to look into for some time. The David Suzuki Foundation and others have produced compelling reports on the idea and it is being implemented in other Canadian, North American and European jurisdictions. If we are to effectively work to prevent runaway climate change, we must improve the built environment and become much less wasteful in how we use electricity and energy in our homes and businesses. 

The city has determined that buildings (and how we heat and electrify them) are responsible for nearly 60% of the Ottawa community's greenhouse gas emissions.
Recently the city of Toronto committed itself to a report (due to be tabled by October) on a pilot project that would bring municipal financing of energy efficiency retrofits to various areas of that city. Here in Ottawa, the feasibility study is expected to be completed sometime in 2013.

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