Sunday 30 June 2013

Looking for Green Homes

Ottawa's Envirocentre has announced their 2013 Green Homes Tour, building on last year's successful event. In 2012 participants, which included prospective buyers and home owners, visited four homes to learn more about green renovations first hand. There is a call for volunteers for homes for the 2013 tour - for more information or to volunteer contact Rabita at or 613-656-0100 ext 124.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Tree Preservation - recent change

There was an interesting ruling in May on private property and tree preservation. Here's a link to a Globe and Mail article, with an excerpt below:

The Ontario Superior Court verdict in May created some of the most stringent and detailed law on tree preservation in Canada. Cutting down a shared tree or chopping at wayward branches without a neighbour’s approval could now be a criminal act, punishable under the provincial Forestry Act.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Ottawa Ranks as Sustainable City

This just in....Ottawa has been ranked the third most sustainable city in North America. Ottawa follows San Francisco and Washington in a sustainable city ranking from Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based media and investment research company. 

The cities were assessed on 28 indicators spanning five categories of sustainability: environmental quality, economic security, governance and empowerment, infrastructure and energy and social well-being. To read more, here's a link to an article.